True Horsemanship Through Feel Paperback
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 "True Horsemanship Through Feel" by Bill Dorrance and Leslie Desmond

(386 pp., 725 photographs and illustrations) Published by Diamond Lu Productions, LLC 1999.

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About the Authors

“Good horsemanship is handed down from one friend to another. I’m in hopes that people are going to find this book real useful.” --Bill Dorrance

Bill Dorrance, life-long rancher and horseman, has left behind a rare and cherished legacy which, for many, has become an illumined road to better horsemanship. Before his passing on July 20, 1999, Bill breathed new life into the horse industry with the publication of his book, True Horsemanship Through Feel. This book is a step-by-step, how-to guide to being -- not only with horses, but with ourselves as well. Bill’s way of teaching is gentle, effective, and entertaining.

“This is something anyone can learn, but three things are needed..."

  • a real strong desire
  • enough time
  • a good instructor

During the last years of his life, Bill asked Leslie to accept his guidance during a 4-year apprenticeship while she recorded his knowledge and experiences for posterity. Between 1995 and 1999 they trained horses together, put on demonstrations and held clinics around Monterey County, California, while she co-wrote the classic text, "True Horsemanship Through Feel".

The sequel to their book, a 10-CD audio book, "Horse Handling and Riding Through Feel" by Leslie Desmond is an info-packed guide to better horsemanship through feel. "It was my hope to ease the serious horseman's journey by creating an easy learning avenue," she said. "My dream is that horse enthusiasts and trainers from all disciplines will consider and take on board the finer points of feel and release as they travel down the road."

To learn more about Leslie Desmond, go to biography.

To learn more about Bill Dorrance read Leslie’s article, “Master Horseman, Roping Artist and Dedicated Braider of Rawhide".

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True Horsemanship Through Feel Paperback

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