TIED RIGHT Halters and Leads improve the way horses of all ages, breeds, sizes learn groundwork exercises.

 Conventional trainers from many disciplines and practitioners of natural horsemanship report that their horses respond sooner and more accurately when they are handled regularly from both sides!

 Desmond Outfitter's help to promote balance by giving the owner/handler a reason to work from the right side more often!


Order a TIED-RIGHT halter today and start the important job of re-balancing yourself and your horse for safer and more elegant rides!


Right-tied halters come in a great variety of colors, and multi-color stripes and blends. All the ropes are ROYAL BLUE with a latigo popper on the end. 

Halters and ropes can withstand countless trips through the washing machine and dryer.


Sizes: Yearling ($30), Small ($35), Average ($45), Large ($55)  and Draft ($60).


Order the pre-cut lengths, below, or request a custom length of rope to fit your needs.

These ropes are terrific! They convey the lightest feel and can bring the lightest change of signal to your horse. These ropes can be repeatedly cleaned in the washing machine and dried in a hot drier dozens and dozens of times with no ill-effect (no shrinking, fraying, or drying out).  Ask for them in 12 ft., 15 ft., 18 ft., and 25 ft. Lengths or request a custom length if you wish.  $3 a foot includes shipping and handling in the USA.  Write to the email below for recommendations about this equipment from satisfied customers near you.


CUSTOMER SERVIC: 602-228-7612

Inquire about colors, inventory or custome/wholesale orders here:


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TIED-RIGHT halters help your colts get a balanced start!

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