American Horsemanship for Young & Old - Disc 3
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Disc 3 from the video series, "American Horsemanship for Young & Old" by Leslie Desmond. 37 minutes.

Narrated by Leslie Desmond and her students. Introduced by Buck Brannaman.

Volume 3 includes the following topics:

Pt. 1: Riding and Suppling

Pt. 2: Backing Up

Pt. 3: Turning Left and Right

Pt. 4: Leads and Lead Changes

Pt. 5: Stopping with One Rein

Pt. 6: Little Jobs for the Horse

Detailed demos: Supple your horse before your ride; one-rein stops; one-rein stops from the lope; ride the feet; riding with your horse; changing diagonals; natural leads; the counter canter & the simple lead change; mounted exercises; beginning the forehand turn; backing up; backing circles to supple & strengthen your horse;turning over the hocks; balancing the horse; figure 8's; riding with Angela & Eek; lessons from Chaquita & Will.

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American Horsemanship for Young & Old - Disc 3

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